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Canned Albacore Tuna

"Simply the best tuna I have ever had. Boat Seafoods is the only tuna I will ever eat!" 

Margaret C
Spokane, WA

The Westport Fishing Vessel, Howard H, delivers the best fresh locally caught albacore tuna from the majestic waters of the Pacific Northwest. The superior quality of the canned albacore tuna delivered by the Howard H is not hard to figure out.

The crew uses a hook and line method to catch the tuna and constantly strives to provide customers with absolutely the freshest and best quality Pacific caught, canned albacore tuna available. When a tuna is hooked, the crew immediately brings the tuna aboard without bruising, stun and bleed the tuna, wash the tuna, cool the tuna in an ice bath, and bury the tuna in ice until arriving at the dock where the tuna is sent to a nearby custom cannery.

 Unequalled Commitment to Quality

Boat Seafoods has a strong commitment to provide a sustainable product, while respecting marine and wildlife habitats. Our fishery is certified sustainable by the independent Marine Stewardship Council. Boat Seafoods and the Howard H are proud of their custom canned albacore tuna and are committed to providing the best product available.

"You will be hard-pressed to find a canned tuna product better than Boat Seafoods. This much is for sure. I will never purchase store bought tuna again!"

Marcelo B
Framingham, MA
Boat Seafood's Tuna is custom canned locally with no additives. Boat Seafoods Tuna is canned by a single cooking process and is 100% North Pacific wild albacore (white) tuna. No wonder our customers have come to count on Boat Seafoods for the Pacific Coast’s purest albacore tunaHr with the freshest taste, texture, nutrition, and appearance. Thank you for visiting our site. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or comments.

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