Experience The Thrill Of Tuna Fishing That Takes You To Next Plank Of Fishing by Nathan Ethan

Unquestionably, tuna fishing is a breathtakingly exciting experience, the thrill of which should be perceived personally to evaluate it. That is the reason many people, after comparing the the popularity of various species of fish, have come out with their firm opinion that tuna stands out as the most popular species. Commercial value of these tuna fish are also very high because apart from being fished for recreation, they are very great sea foods that are liked and relished by millions of people around the world.

Oceans of tropical and temperate regions are the places where tuna are mostly found. It is one of the 50 species of the taxonomic group. Yellow fin tuna fish, the big eye tuna, the blue fin tuna fish, the albacore tuna and skipjack tuna fish are the most popular varieties though there are several other varieties.

Tuna are highly agile and they swim quite fast, at speeds of around 43 miles per hour. Because of this agility and speedy swimming, it is very difficult to catch them. Even expert-swimmers find it difficult sometimes to catch tuna fish. They are more appropriately called “Rose of the Sea” because their color varies from shades of pink to shades of dark red. Such colors make them more attractive and unique. These colors are due to the tissues called myoglobin and these tissues are oxygen bonders.

While tuna fishing is a great recreation for many people, many other people make their living doing tuna fishing. The fishing methods mostly used are the Andalusian method, fish farming or the cage system, purse seines, longline fishing, harpoon gun, using fish aggregating devices, pole and line fishing, and big game fishing. You can have great results if you bear in the mind the following few points:

– The main point in tuna fishing is that you should be able keep your speed under terrific control. The agility of the tuna necessitates this. If you are not able to control your speed, you can not catch them with your baits and distractions.

– When you observe that diving birds are frequenting a particular place, you can understand that there may be schools of tuna fish close by. Attempt in that place will get you a good catch.

– You should also take into consideration the various seasons for having a good catch of tuna. During warm seasons, tuna fish live near the surface of water and hence catching them during warm seasons is easy. During chill weather conditions, tuna remain in the depths of water and you will find it difficult to catch them during these seasons.

– You should give due respect to ecological and environmental issues. It is pointed out by experts that tuna fish are being over-fished. You should never do it because it may lead to migration of these tuna and also depletion of this great source. Your arithmetic should be that you should not fish and consume more than they reproduce so that there is no dearth of this fish.

If you follow the above tips, tuna fishing will remain an exciting and thrilling experience. If you have a large tuna fish on your line, the feeling itself will give you a great experience.

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