Five Tuna Fishing Tips by Daniel Eggertsen

Tuna fishing can be the most rewarding and exciting time for a sport angler. If you have the chance to fish the waters for tuna, you should take it. The most incredible time is when you hook a tuna and enjoy the fight until you have it in the boat.

Tuna are fighters, but you will have other anglers with you so they can lend a helping hand if you the tuna tires you out quickly. This not uncommon and you should never feel anything but excitement even if you need help. That is just a part sports fishing.

Equipment is the main thing that you have to consider before you go out looking for the tuna. If you are not using the right equipment, chances are that when you get a bite, you are going to lose the tuna, the rod and maybe even put the boat in danger. Before you go out fishing, have the right equipment if you are going by yourself or with friends and not with a charter service. You need to have the right boat as well.

You are not going on the water tuna fishing in a small boat, you need a boat that is large enough to handle the catch and the fight without any problems.

Bait is important when you are fishing tuna. However, the bait can change from day to day. Sometimes, what you used yesterday might not work for you today. Use what other anglers are having some luck with on that day. The bait is just part of the thrill, you have to use the spreader bars are spaced just right with the bait so you make it look as if a school of baitfish are in the area.

Location is important for tuna fishing. Many people have said that you will not find tuna swimming with dolphins, but you can find tuna swimming with sharks, dolphins and whales. Fish the locations where the water is warmer. You can chum some colder water areas and catch tuna, but the warmer water will not require chumming.

Time of day is important. If you caught a tuna on Friday during the morning, does not mean that next week on Tuesday, you will catch a tuna at the same time of day. Fishing is not the same from day to day, as it is not the same time of day every time. There are many things that determine how the fishing will be and timing, weather, water conditions and your technique all play a role.

Never think that one time of the day is better. Watch the water and other marine life to see where to start. Choose a day that has no moon tides or easterly winds. On these days, tuna fishing is slow. If the day has an westerly wind, you will have a better day fishing.

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