Boat Seafoods Canned Albacore Tuna

Pacific Coast Wild Albacore Tuna

Why Choose Boat Seafoods Albacore

The Westport Fishing Vessel, Howard H, delivers the best fresh locally caught canned albacore tuna from the majestic waters of the Pacific Northwest.

Boat Seafoods proudly presents our own custom canned white albacore tuna. Tuna that tastes just like canned in your own home except it is packed in airtight cans rather than mason jars.

 This is 100% tuna with no salt or water added and comes fresh off the Howard H fishing vessel of Westport Washington.

Boat Seafoods has a strong commitment to provide a sustainable product, while respecting marine and wildlife habitats. Our fishery is certified sustainable by the independent Marine Stewardship Council.

Wild Pacific Albacore Tuna

Great Taste at a Greater Value

  • 100% white meat canned albacore with great flavor
  • Low in mercury packed in BPA free cans
  • Higher in heart smart Omega 3
  • Dolphin safe; wild caught with hook & line with minimal bruising
  • Hand filleted & packed; No water, soy or vegetable broth added
  • Geat Value – more meat per can and better tasting than store bought albacore tuna

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