Tuna Fishing Basics by Keith Richard Conwell

Boat Seafood's Uses the Hook and Line Method

Tuna fishing has been a hobby and a job since the early days. Tuna meat is quite a food commodity for people around the world. However, how to tuna fishing is not that easy as you think. You should know the basics on how, what and when to tuna fish.

Now, here are the basics on how to tuna fishing. Read on friend

Type of Bait

Often, fishermen or anglers use squid, sardines and butterfish. These baits can be live baits or frozen baits that can be bought in the fish market. However, if you are just a novice angler, you would want to use live baits since it is easier for the tuna to catch it. Remember that the bait is the most important part on how to fish a tuna so choose the right bait that you will use.

Type of Fishing Rod

The type of fishing rod is also as important as using a bait. You should also determine what kind of fishing rod that is suitable to catch a tuna. There are lots of fishing rods that can be bought online and offline. Make sure it is big enough to carry the weight of a tuna since the usual weight of the tuna is 10 kilos or more.

Tuna fishing techniques will be implemented using your fishing rods so choose the right fishing rod for you. It is also advisable to ask professional anglers on what type of rod you would want to use in catching a tuna. Keep in mind that they are the experts on how to fish a tuna in the sea.

Type of Hook

The type of hook is also what you need in reeling in a huge tuna. Use a hook that is big enough for the fish to bite in. This will surely hook into the fish’s mouth. Check with anu fish angler shop on what type of hook you would use.

Tuna Fishing Methods

Now is the fun part, the methods on how to catch a tuna. You should know the proper depth and current of the water. Also, make sure that you have the right crew especially if you are just a novice. They will help you in catching a tuna for sure.

The first step on how to tuna fishing is to throw in your bait and lure in a proper way. It should be quite far from your boat so as to ensure that the bait will be easily noticed by the tuna. Make sure that the drag is in a position so that when the tuna bites in, there is a sudden pull.

For certain, you will notice it when a tuna bites. Let it stay lose for about 5 seconds until you will feel that the hook has been fully bitten. Once the tuna has been hooked on your bait, your fishing rod and line should be in a straight manner. This is to avoid crossing or tying other lines with others who are fishing as well.

Slowly but surely reel in until the tuna is weary and tired already. When the tuna fish is near your boat, ask assistance for others to use the net or their hands to get the fish into the boat.

These are the tuna fishing techniques you have to implement to be just like the other professional anglers. Remember, fishing is a whole lot of fun with your friends and family so make it a habit. Enjoy fishing tuna!

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