Albacore Tuna Mayo Raisu


1 cup cooked Japanese short grain rice

1 can Boat Seafoods Albacore Tuna

1/2 cup canned sweet corn

1 tbsp Kewpie mayo (do not use American mayo or miracle whip, for the love of god! it will taste horrible!)

sprinkling of black pepper
NOTE: Boat Seafoods Canned Albacore Tuna is only available for purchase online — to order CLICK HERE

How to make Albacore Tuna Mayo Raisu

On top of your hot rice, add your tuna, and corn. Drizzle the mayo over the top in a posh zig zag fashion. Sprinkle with pepper. Enjoy!

AGAIN – use the Japanese brand Kewpie for this. trust me.

This was a snack we had often in Japan! Mayo on rice is good o3o

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